Christ Presbyterian Church - History

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Having a desire to share God’s Word with the local community, a meeting of concerned Christians was held at Klockner Elementary School on May 2, 1909.  A decision was made to organize under the name Hamilton Union Sunday School.  Over the next 14 years, the Hamilton Union Sunday School proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ in classes and in worship services held at Klockner School and at Enterprise Fire Company.

In November 1920, the Presbytery of New Brunswick formally organized the Hamilton Union Sunday School into Christ Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Township.  Two years later, the first bricks of this building were placed into position at the corner of Klockner and Armour Avenues. The people of the church labored to construct this building with their own hands, answering the call of the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the vision God had given them.

On May 25, 1924, our main building was dedicated to the worship of the Lord and the furtherance of His mission to reconcile the world through Jesus Christ.  For over 80 years we have worshipped together in this same building.  We have proclaimed Jesus Christ, God’s living Word, and we have celebrated the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper according to our Lord’s command.  We have fed the hungry, clothed the needy, and welcomed people into the body of Christ.  We have stood as witnesses to the kingdom of God that is among us and is to come.


Our work is not complete.  Just as God called the founders of our Church, so God calls us today to be God’s special witnesses in this community.  As long as we may offer praise and thanksgiving, as long as one person is hungry for a relationship with God, as long as one person lacks the necessities of life or is deprived of justice, as long one person is hurting and in need of comfort, for as long as God wills this community to live, we have work to do.

Christ Presbyterian Church … it’s who we are.