Christ Presbyterian Church - Accessibility

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Working to Include All of God's People in Ministry and Community

In the past several years, we have recognized that a great part of the work we have been given to do is to become a community of faith that is inclusive of people with disabilities in ministry and in community.  To that end, we have made renovations to our Christian Education Building, adding a wheelchair ramp and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

However, our biggest challenge is our worship space.  We must confess that, when our forbears built the church sanctuary on the second floor of our main building, they were blind to the needs of people with disabilities for access with dignity.  Our eyes have been opened to our need and our community’s need to have people with disabilities be able to participate equally in every aspect of our church’s life.  Accordingly, we have commissioned plans from an architect that call for an addition to our building that will include elevator access to our worship space and ramp access to the building’s lower floor. 

The cost of making our main building accessible has been projected to be in the neighborhood of $250,000.  Our church has never been a financially wealthy church.  We are still trying to figure out how we can fund this project.  But we are strong in faith and we have a vision of what our community could be if all people could come and freely worship together here.  Therefore, we are stepping out in faith, secure in the knowledge that God will make a way if we are faithful to Christ’s mission—breaking down the dividing walls that separate us and reconciling us to God and one another.

We pray that our neighbors will join us in making this vision a reality.